Pumping Fertilizers: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does the price of pumping water fertilizer(septic tank pumping) have to be calculated according to the number of cars?

Pumping water and fertilizer (septic tank pumping) does not necessarily have to be calculated by the number of cars. The reason for calculating the car is that there is no need to estimate the amount of the general apartment (the price can be calculated by the car). In fact, the price by the car is for consumers. It is the most advantageous, and it is calculated as much as you draw, and there will be no error value generated by the valuation.

How often should the septic tank (water and fertilizer) be extracted and cleaned? Are there any signs when it is full?

In principle, the septic tank is pumped once a year. If the toilet on the first floor will make a popping sound when the septic tank is full, then you should quickly pump the septic tank, otherwise, when the septic tank is too full and there is nowhere to store it, Running along the dung pipe to the first floor will cause the dung pipe to be blocked, and then it will not be worth the loss. (Quoting from the Environmental Protection Agency: According to septic tank research, if the sludge is cleaned every six months, the treatment efficiency can reach 51%; if it is cleaned once a year, the treatment efficiency is 28%; if it is not cleaned, the treatment efficiency is only 3%, Therefore, it is recommended that the public should clean it 1-2 times a year.)

Who pays for the cost of pumping septic tanks (pumping water and fertilizer) in apartment houses?

Since the septic tank is used jointly and based on the principle of user payment, it is of course borne by all the residents of the apartment.

How can the general public know whether the water and fertilizer truck is full when pumping water and fertilizer?

The company has a transparent water level meter behind the water and fertilizer truck (please press me), it is clear at a glance whether it is full or not, please rest assured.

Excuse me, how much is a truck of water and fertilizer?

Hello: The price of a 3.5-ton water and fertilizer truck will be negotiated by telephone, and there will be no additional charges. Generally speaking, it can be pumped in five cars on a seven-story building (the detailed number depends on the size of the on-site septic tank. Regularly pumping the septic tank will be cleaner, and the part of the drug application is unnecessary, and the role of the drug application is to use the "bacteria" to make the septic tank decompose by itself, but the regular pumping of the septic tank is more effective than the drug application. .

Hello: There are many reasons, such as the septic tank is not pumped cleanly (there may be two pools that need to be pumped but only one pool is pumped), the septic tank is blocked, and the manure pipe is blocked. The reason needs to be determined by on-site construction. Septic tank blockage requires on-site price survey. Thank you for your question! The company is a legal operator. The water and fertilizer from the septic tank will be treated at the Dihua Sewage Treatment Plant in Taipei City. If you know the location of the septic tank, make an extraction hole: cement floor 500 yuan, iron cover 1000 yuan (if there is a cover, this fee is not required), (if you need service, please inform the service staff if you know the location of the septic tank and whether there is a septic tank cover, thank you) Thank you for your question.

My home is an apartment for more than ten years... We live on the second floor... The toilet and toilet often spray water from time to time... I have also pumped the septic tank... What is the reason for this... Is there a solution?

Hello: If you are not flushing, but the toilet is full, it may be that the fecal pipe is blocked. If it is plugged into the toilet manure pipe (shared pipe) pipeline, it is necessary to tap the toilet first, and then use the electric pipe machine to process the pipeline (the blockage is not in the pipeline of the toilet). It depends on the complexity of the pipeline and needs to be estimated on site, which costs 5,000 yuan. above. (The above prices are for ordinary household toilets that are not accessible. If there is a serious blockage such as cement, or if another open pipe is connected, or emergency services at night, additional prices will be required.) Money, the same project enjoys a seven-day service guarantee from the day of construction. Thanks for your question

Before the toilet in my house, there will be a sound of bubbling. Sometimes I flush a lot of hot water and then press it with the toilet, and it disappears... But now I can't even drain the water....Yes Is the septic tank full?

Hello: According to the situation you described, there is a bubbling sound, and it is judged that the septic tank is full, and the septic tank needs to be pumped to solve it. The price is based on the car. If you have not smoked it, you need to make a hole. If you know the location of the septic tank in the cement floor, it is 1,000 yuan per hole (if the depth is too deep, you will need to increase the price on the spot). If you have any questions, please call the service phone to ask more clearly: 0937-92-9393 Mr. Chen. Thanks for your question


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